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Easthaven is a Tactical Horror Stealth game, with a large focus on player freedom, and systemic gameplay.

The player will face the Blind, shapeless creatures of Easthaven, and must creatively use Sound mechanics and other environmental tools at their disposal to complete each level and uncover the story behind these events.

Created by Andrzej Kowalski and Michael Adeluwoye

Game play info:

The creatures you face are blind, move unpredictably, and react only to sound which is represented by yellow waves on screen any time a detectable sound is created.

Core controls involve using the mouse to move, holding space to move faster, and pressing E to interact. Right mouse button lets you throw collected projectiles.

Red lights are placed to direct the player to possible objectives, and each level ends with reaching the exit.

Developer comment: 

I'm aware storytelling isn't my strongest suit, and this is my first time creating a narrative in a game, so please do leave comments on how it can be improved, as well as the rest of the game!

Install instructions

Download the Zip file, unpack ALL files into a new folder, and press EXE


Easthaven 1.1 31 MB


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Nice stealth game, Dev :) 

Thanks for playing! :)

Sorry about the door issue, it has been fixed and updated! 

OKay :)